Retiring Jersey Number 76!

This was one of those tributes that would be the ultimate to Jonathan.  To think his team, coaches and school administration found him worthy of such a wonderful honor where there are only two others, one a pro football player from Lewiston.  J was recognized, not for his athletic ability...something much more important...his character, his compassion, his kindness and his love for his teammates...he was the one that kept the team positive in spite of their many tough losses..he was the "heart" of the team.  This logo below is on T shirts designed by LP athletics with the saying J is well known for and how he lived his life.  Over 500 T shirts were sold and worn that evening.  Proceeds of the sales went to the J-Mill Scholarship/Charity fund.

resizedimage280210 FRAMEDJERSEY
Framed Jersey...Dad's pride and joy!
resizedimage280210 jerseyretirement 1
The crowd going onto the field.
resizedimage600450 jerseyunveiling.friends
Friends unveilng number.
resizedimage280248 SHIRTLOGO
Retirement Commemorative T-Shirt.
resizedimage280210 jmillretirement.papa
Papa wearing J's jacket.