J-Mill Giving Fund Exceeds $30,000 in giving to charities and scholarships

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July 5, 2012

We are happy to announce that in just two short years this fund has provided many local charities and scholarship monies because of community generosity.

This year, 2012 will be our LAST Golf/Dinner Event of its type. This event has brought in over $20,000 to the Giving Fund. We hope this year to be as much if not more of a success to contiue to provide to those in need...

This fund originally began upon the passing of Jonathan to have a $1,000 scholarship for a LP senior each year, in his  memory.  Due to the support financially and otherwise, we have far exceeded this goal in short two years.  At this point we intend on keeping the fund going in a more passive manner....anyone can donate anytime via this website. Other funds come from Orange Cat Coffee  "Pour the Love/Blend 76" coffee theme as well as Hops n Vines signature drink for Jonathan  "Miller light beer with a twist of lime".   Further, an online HR consulting service has been created to add to this fund as

Join us for our finale event!