An Evening of Inspiration

Join us for an evening that is sure to have you leaving feeling a new sense of hope, peace and understanding of what happens to us or our loved ones, when we die.

"It's not about death- it's about love and hope and loving connections that continue, even after death" (Bonnie of "Messages, Signs, Visits & Premonitions from Loved One's Lost on 9/11)

Did you ever really wonder where we go when we die? What happens when we die? what is the passage like? how do we best prepare? do we really see loved ones again? angels? God? Are you seeking peace and contentment in the midst of your grief?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions...consider coming to this event!

Have your questions answered......

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time:6 pm - 10 pm

Place:St Vincent de Paul Parish Center

2748 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Registration/Donation: $15.00 per person (donation goes directly to Jonathan "J-Mill" Miller Giving Fund)  You can register online at the bottom of this page.

Please sign up by July 15th, 2013! This is a significant topic area of interest. We want to accommodate as many people as possible so early registration is recommended.

*Online registration/donations are preferred to track attendance and proper accommodations. Online Registrations will put your name in a drawing at the event for a FREE BOOK BY MICHAEL H. BROWN

What's this all about?

As I seek to make good of the suffering after the loss of my dear son Jonathan, I have found that what has made me strong needed to be shared. I have shared my heart and thoughts through many methods including blogs, social media, personal meetings with other grieving parents and speaking engagements. I have learned that we all need to understand a few things about death. Death to me isn't an end, it is a reward for eternal life. Those we love never really leave us yet they are now on a different course of providing us guidance and direction. We need to understand that more. Therefore, I am fortunate to have an author who has significant knowledge and experiences on the topics of "Afterlife" and healing to speak by creating this 'Evening of Inspiration".

While my journey is dealing with the loss of my son, we all experience painful losses. A death or dealing with dying creates extreme stress and sadness. Therefore, we have to find ways to get more comfortable with the fact that while death is painful we need to understand where our loved ones are going once they leave us, that we will see them again and they are at peace.

In an effort to share what has been so helpful to us as a family, I have organized this event. In order to keep Jonathan's legacy of love, faith and charity alive, the funds for this event will go directly to the "Jonathan "J-Mill" Miller Giving Fund"

OUR SPEAKER....We are beyond grateful to have been able to bring to you a well credentialed, well respected speaker and author who has graciously donated his time to contribute to this event to remember Jonathan in a way that he would want and that is to find peace, to heal, to be hopeful and happy despite the struggles in life.

Michael H. Brown, a former investigative reporter, is the author of more than twenty books. He has appeared on numerous TV and radios shows, and contributed to publications from Reader's Digest, to the Atlantic Monthly. He is the author of some Catholic best sellers "The Final Hour", "After Life" , "The Other Side" & "Spirits Among Us" . Michael resides in Palm Coast, Florida and he serves as director of the Catholic news website, Spirit Michael focuses on what Heaven, hell and purgatory might be like. How are we judged? How do we prepare?

Michael travels all over the world to speak on this topic through lectures as well as his popular retreats.

There will be time for the audience to share experiences, ask questions and have open discussion.

A special thanks to Fr. Robert Hughson, who has graciously donated the use of the facility for this important evening of hope, healing and peace. It's no coincidence that the facility just happens to be my Jonathan's patron saint..Saint Vincent dePaul. Please join us!