Jonathan Harold Miller, affectionately called J-Mill by his dear friends was born June 25, 1992 to Kevin and Jeannine Brown Miller. He passed away suddenly on November 15, 2009 while driving his SUV, heading to Niagara University for a workout.  It is determined that the sudden death was a result of either a head injury or heart ailment that was undetectable and irreversible/ His SUV then hit a tree, a symbol now of our Jonathan and his entry to Heaven.  

Jonathan has two loving sisters, Lauren and Alyssa.  Jonathan was special to all who knew him. He had friends from every aspect of his life, friends that have found him to be not only a loving person, but always there to help anyone in need. Jonathan was knowns for his smile and that person that always brought others together...a peacemaker of sorts at times.  Jonathan loved sports, he loved, his family, he loved work, he loved his friends and he loved life! As a result he lived life to its fullest, despite only living 17 years.

We know that it isn't about how long you live, but the life you live that matters.  Jonathan's life we have learned was one with everlasting impact on all who knew him, young and old alike.  Jonathan has become known for his approach to life and that is to "Live by Faith, One Day at A Time".

What do you do to appropriate keep such a legacy alive?  That became clear over time.  We reflected on his life and his values, his love for others, his ability to "love where love was needed".  Jonathan passed away just after making his sacrament of Confirmation.  His patron saint is St. Vincent dePaul, as he declared as such during this time.  St. Vincent DePaul is one who cares for the poor.  Jonathan lived that and so we continue this through providing funds for those local organizations that have that same mission and focus.  See Causes.

Jonathan always joined in when it came to caring for the poor, whether it was helping at the Food Pantry or gathering food baskets and delivering them throughout the holidays, he was first to be there to help. Jonathan also would frequently visit a nursing home patient who had no family and who became part of the Miller family. 

Helping those in need was his personal mission, we carry on his legacy of love, compassion and sharing through the J-Mill Charity Giving Fund.

Jonathan also saw enjoying life as key to living a good one.  While he wasn't the best at sports, he played them all. He was described as the "heart" of the team.  Teammates would count on him to cheer them up after a difficult game, he would always praise those strong athletes and cheer them on.  J found joy in seeing others succeed. He also was so looking forward to going to Niagara University.  He had just received his acceptance a week prior to his passing.  He was a "Purple Eagle" since childhood and found this next move in his life one that he looked forward to.  That was not to happen for Jonathan, but the way we can use his passion for higher education is to provide a scholarship in his name that will go to someone heading out to college that is known for having the same values that Jonathan had. It isn't about academics, its about loving people.  Each year we have a process that involves someone nominating a senior that has those values.  Details outlined Spirit of 76

The name of this scholarship represents Jonathan's football jersey number that was retired in Fall 2010. 

The fund began with the significant donations that the family received after his passing.  His employer at the time of his passing, Brickyard Pub and BBQ began a Golf Outing, another sport J loved, and funds from that significant event began, what we are committed to continue building upon...the J-Mill Memorial Scholarship and Charity Giving Fund.  Donations are always welcome, click here to do so

Any questions regarding this fund can be sent to OR  All funds are managed by Fidelity and are submitted to legitimate 501C3 organizations by request and acceptance.

"Rule 76: No excuses, play like a champion" Paul Magers


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